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Scout’s Experiences of Loss of Innocence

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But to what end?

The Final Conflict 1980 advance TV trailer

The Gandhian-Nehruvian India is losing its innocence, abandoning a self-definition of romantic idealism to embrace brash realism, and in the process confronting a few ugly truths about itself. We always had that dark side to our socio-political self: There is a great deal more unabashed aggression and hostility in the collective life of our nation today than ever before: At a certain level, the aggression of the post-colonial underdog is understandable.

The problem, however, is that it is speaking the wrong language, of violence and otherisation, not of justice, strength and a rightful place in the comity of nations.

Miss Caroline

But then, the Hindutva faithful erroneously and often deliberately translates strength as aggression against fellow subalterns. As a result, our great tradition of argument, public debate, intellectual pluralism and generosity Amartya Sen, The Argumentative Indian is transforming into a culture of violence, bullying and pettiness.

Today, many of them prefer to preach down to us the virtues of nationalism and uses of brute force: We would reason that we were a new democracy, a state in the making, there had been imperfections, but these were no systematic human rights violations, and, in any case, many of those inadequacies would get self-corrected in due course.

Is that the case any more?

We seem to have assumed a new cloak of nationalist indifference today. Hence, rule of law can be made flexible in the service of what is represented as national interest: When our neighbours — Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan and others — were struggling with democracy, and getting individual liberty and religious freedom wrong, India, despite its many inadequacies, was widely seen as a regional hub of modern liberal values and social and religious inclusion. Animals both, crazed and weary There can only be one real winner here; the results are now seen clearly Teeth marks bare where fur once protected, flesh hangs dangling in shreds Their faces grimace rejected strips of meat exposed, selected Bloodstains and saliva splatter the fuel of precious life Master and servant segregate the ritual sacrifice.

Death of Innocence

The sacrifice of innocents who obeyed the spoken law Tired beyond indurance but the spectators cry for more Death before dishonor a demand that is so obscene The men they appraise each other to keep their conscience clean Laughter hides the guilt they feel at every savage blow Someone whispers "cruelty" but they don't want to know The balding man stands silent as slave fights for life He thinks of all the good things that he has promised to his wife. She caught a glimpse of God through the windscreen of his car She tried to rationalise her looks but time don't heal the scars Some vague association she feels with the loser of the stake She stares into those sightless eyes, what use for heaven sake?

The TV flickers images of the ideals she once knew The fresh young girls displaying soap to keep us clean and new She shrugs and folds her arms as he constructs the wooden box To hold his faded hope that took the heaviest of knocks. Like pissing in the ocean, their options disappear As they think about the overheads, they know the taste of fear Kids to feed and clothing they must show how much they care But how to tell the birthday gift is lying dead out there. Don't let the Red Cross beat them to it.

The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America

Why don't you go? Now that would be a real coup. Damien Thorn supervising relief work in person!

Aggression as strength

No, I've got to stay here. To be on hand when the president calls me. He's gonna offer me the post of ambassador to Great Britain. I beg your pardon? Are you familiar with the Book of Hebron?

Death of Innocence by Mamie Till-Mobley, Christopher Benson | Books

No, I don't know anything about the Book of Hebron. It's in the Apocrypha - one of the more obscure backwaters of the Septuagint Bible. Wherefore art thou in the day of evil? That's the time I've been head of Thorn. Only it won't be the beast that is destroyed.

It'll be the Nazarene. You said you were gonna be offered the post of ambassador to Great Britain.

Loss of Innocence in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

What about our present ambassador? And who is this The American Ambassador, Damien Thorn.

I know Damien Thorn. You know Thorn the man I thought you were up at the house. You know, the press are going crazy for a statement on Schroeder. I guess I can hold 'em off until you talk to Buher, but- Damien Thorn: What was DeCarlo doing at your house yesterday?