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Brittle, some discoloration, and tearing. Slight tears to envelope flap, letter dated June 5, and in very good condition. Maps, newspapers, and magazine historic and readable, but in fair to poor condition. Two pieces from the Mesoamerican Mexico region of North America, a double flute and a drummer. The drummer figure measures 8 inches long by 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and consists of a seated human figure holding a drum between its legs. The back of the head has an attached stirrup-like spout and handle.

The double flute has three tonal holes along each cylinder with a human face with headdress and large ear spools spanning the space between the distal ends of the flutes. A red and green striped snake runs along the outer margin of each cylinder.

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The flute measures 10 inches long by 4 inches at the widest by 2 inches tall. Mica temper is clearly evident in the clay matrix.. The drummer figure has no remaining paint evident. The flute is painted and with red and green highlights. Both are in good condition with no post-manufacture chips, cracks or repairs evident. Lot of 2 framed pictures of Puffin: Hand signed and numbered by Pallan in pencil. Typed description affixed to back of frame. Framed and matted 's silver piece of eight from the "Vliegent Hart". This 8 Reales cob coin was recovered in by Rex Cowen and has an Americana Collectibles Billy Martin certificate of authenticity on the back of the frame.

Framed piece has a picture of the ship and the story of how and where it sunk. The wood frame has some dings and scratches, but displays nice. Confined in a shadow box, the beads are strung and are about 4mm on average in size, the arrowhead is 55mm and is marked New Hope most likely a panhandle site. The lengths are 38" and 40". Both in good condition.

One of the blades has Belize City newspaper remnants, each blade measures 6 to 7 inches they exhibit water intrusion and are guaranteed as described. From long time Louisiana collection acquire in 's from the Lamanai New River lagoon area. Human figural carved stone seated with clasped hands. Made of regional flint. From a long time Louisiana collection acquired in the 's from the Lamanai New River Lagoon region. Average size is 3 inches. From a long time Louisiana collection, these were recovered from the Lamanai New River Lagoon region of Belize and appear to be submerged finds.

The middle size one has old Belize newspaper remnant on it. All appear to be submerged finds. From a long time collection, collected in the 's from the Lamanai, New River Lagoon region of Belize. Hands folded, 6 inches tall and appears to be a submerged find. From a long time Louisiana collection, collected in the 's from the Lamanai New River region of Belize, and most appear to be submerged finds.

This is a damage free well crafted Celt. From a long time Louisiana collection and was found in the Lamanai, New River Lagoon region of Belize, measuring 7 inches down to 6, each one appears to be submerged finds. From a longtime Louisiana collection, collected in the 's in the Lamanai, New River lagoon in Belize. Measures 7 inches and appears to be a Monkey man. Duck river region outside Nashville according to seller, about 7 are complete ranging in size from 20 to 50mm, the balance have some form of damage, early to middle Archaic.

Alabama, Florida panhandle provenance, former private museum collection stands 5 inches including figures, 19 inch circumference. Ornate beaded vest with large crows and medicine wheels throughout. Beaded in the style of the Apache tribe, indicating that it is from this tribe or the Southwest region. Measures approximately 24" by 22" framed to approximately 31" by 31". In very good condition with some wear to seams. This exquisite ex-museum piece is of hand carved solid stone.

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The tube was the provenance of Shamans who used them to inhale illness from a patient and blow healing smoke upon their injury. Carving is of a long round tube with a zoomorphic design on top of it. Some small scratches and nics. Item is heavy - check shipping rates. A war club from the Penobscot tribe in Maine. Likely made around the turn of the century, when many of these clubs were made by the tribe for tourists.

Features an intricately carve handle. Some paint chipping off the very tips of the spikes. Features a red handle and spotted top. Some paint fading and general wear on handle. Likely from a Plains Indian tribe. With vintage wear; some beads are loose on the blue and red. Both pairs in excellent condition. Leather and hand-stitched construction. Possibly Seminole or Creek Indian in origin. Chipped along rim and sports floral design. Ex dealer stock believed Arizona, some polishing it is smooth. Large pieces as follows Dog tooth Calcite grams, gram Flourite, gram Malachite, gram Chrysocolla, grams Chrysoella with Azurite.

Indian mortar and pestle and hammer head. Mortar seems to be cut right out of a larger rock boulder. Mortar is approximately 8 by 10". Pestle is 14" all the way around. Hammer head is approximately 4 by 3". Well crafted , box measures mm.

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Box has wood bottom. All bone including base, with lid tab mm. Even bone nails used in its construction. Tung in groove and tiny nail construction, measures mm approximate. Slight area of damage to lid. A split, or crack from age, odd imagery that is good but inexplicable, helmeted soldier, man, woman and turbaned man.


Estates of Michael R Stevens & Juanita Ramey

We cannot ship international, please know your state laws prior to bidding. Over years old and is accompanied with appraisal. Statue of Liberty over "NY" "Liberty" on reverse, measures 5 inches, significant age discoloration and hairlines throughout. Over years old and is accompanied with an appraisal. Handle is of celluloid with 2 steam ships and "J. Sword of Light" rare straight razor, scrimshaw makes it interesting. Signed TomW, bear and seal hunter scrimshaw, on stand, measures 10 inches.

Lot of 3 antique portraits. A framed, autographed black and white photograph of comedian and actress Phyllis Diller. Pressed bug inside of frame. One depicts Anne Boleyn, and the other is an unnamed subject. The latter piece has a faint scratch across the top that measures 5". Over 20 black and white photo glued to paper bound by string. Pictures include but not limited to family life, housing, farms, a dam and a lumber mill.

Eight men, six on camel back, pose before a pyramid in this turn of the century photograph. Dated on back. Photo measures 9" by 7", framed to 14" by 18". Eight officially released, color, 8X10 promotional stills from the first three Star Trek motion pictures: The collection includes what are now iconic photos of the original cast from the first three films. All are in good to very good condition. Image is detached from frame on two items. Antique crayon enlargement of a Civil War Confederate soldier. In excellent condition; please acquire third party shipping estimate prior to bidding.

An Aztec or Inca pipe depicting the gods Quetzacoatl and Tlaloc, intermingled with gila monster and snakes. Pipe appears to be sculpted from clay or clay-based orcelain. Some scratches to underside, doesn't affect integrity. Clay plate with figure in relief. Depicting woman figure playing pipa Chinese guitar with snake coiled up to the side. Signed to the right and marked to the back within square. Measures 12 inches in diameter. Statue depicts two water buffalo pulling a covered wagon with two people inside looking out.

These are seen as candle stick holders, there is no evidence of these ever being that. Signed on base stands 17 inches. Quality work with good detail. Thoughtful use of graining. Constructed completely of horn, age indeterminate, measures 21 by Mickey and Minnie Mouse play with dolphins underwater in this Wyland sculpture.

Marked Wyland on the bottom. Donald swims with a dolphin in this unique, collectable sculpture. Large porthole art piece by Wyland measures 24" in diameter and has the image of a sea lion looking out of glass. Goofy swims with a turtle in this unique, collectable Wyland sculpture. Also includes Index - Issues by Lyn Stag. Dates range between from All in good condition. Lot of 6 books on Egyptian studies and culture.

Lot includes five softcover books: Lot also contains one hardcover book - "Reading Egyptian Art: All books in good condition and signed, except for "Annales Du Service Includes a VHS tape, around a dozen catalogs and pamphlets ranging from the s to the late s, two calendars, and a book. A Comparative View" by Samuel Hoffman , and "Alcoholics Anonymous" third edition, second printing from Lot of 3 hardcover "Faberge" books includes: Lot of 19 includes: Some have blue hardback covers, while others have brown hardback covers. Different styles, but all appear to be original. Dates range from All in decent condition, but some variation between books.

Lot of three "historical-themed" books: Rare hardcover coffee table book in very good condition. No dings, bends or scratches to cover, just a little dirt that can be easily cleaned. Slight discoloration to a few page edges, but in very good condition throughout. Signed by author on first page "To my good friend Tim Cassidy, good hunting to you. Lot of two mini-books: Cover has two dime sized pictures - one of Robert E. Lee and one of a canon, and contains the writing "July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, , Gettysburg, Pa".

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Contains 10 vintage postcards of Gettysburg. Postcards are in good condition but have come apart from the binding. Minardi Best wishes J. In very good condition with minor foxing. Range in dates from to Ranging in dates from to Assorted magazines, catalogs, and promotional materials for knives, swords and edged weapons.

All hardbacks in very good condition. Covers in poor condition - heavy wear, tear. Pages in good condition and intact. Lot of 2 antique hardcover civil war books c. Covers are worn and torn away from the books. Extremely brittle pages are heavily damaged, foxing, discoloration, water damage, possible mold growth. Pages and sections of book have come apart, unsure if all pages are included. Volume I The America's and the British Commonwealth of Nations is in good condition with no pages missing and no damage to the hardcover of book.

The Second Volume The Nations of Europe, Africa and Asia and their colonies is not missing any pages but does have some minor damage to the hardcover of book as it is torn near upper side of spine. Both in a vibrant green hardcover. Both books are in good condition with no missing pages, covers, or other detractions. Lot of 2 antique civil war books: Filled with great, vivid illustrations, articles, and accounts of the battles during the Civil War. Pages in both books are brittle and fairly worn, but clearly legible. First few pages of both books are in the worst shape. Book is in good but not great condition.

The binding is together with all pages. It does show signs of age. Some discoloration and fading. Printed for Daniel Lizars. All books are in excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage of any kind. Harpers Encyclopedia of United States Histor. Published by Harper and Brothers in and , and again later in Notibl, it contains a preface, titled The Significance of American History, written by future president Woodrow Wilson. Set includes 9 out of the 10 books, missing volume 7.

Volumes 5, 1, 3, 2, and 4 are in rotting condition on the exterior. The other volumes still hold their cover.

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Four hard cover song books plus Views of Quebec and Montreal. Spiritual Songs selected and arranged by Rev. Black , Handel's Sacred Oratorio: Mint and Coinage is good, and the Tom Swift is very good. Antique bamboo pug walking cane. Custom made out to "DR. Small chip out of center.

In large wood presentation box and each year set is encased in its own presentation case. Only 7 cases are completed, year , , , , , , Box and is empty and has two quarters. Includes , , Coins are sealed and come in original boxes. Includes 2 sets, and 2 sets. All are sealed with original box. Each year contains 4 sets, Platinum, Gold and Philadelphia and Denver sets. A total of 44 sets. Averaging 18 to 21 mm in size and include Constantine 7 coins, Antininous Pius, and Valens. Lot of 4 uncirculated 1 oz fine silver.

Dates include 2 of the , then a , and Comes boxed as issued by the mint with COA. All but one serial numbered 1 Troy ounce. Imbedded with coal recovered from the Titanic shipwreck. Lot of two Rosenthal classic Germany platters, gold trim, Sanssouci ivory pattern china. A few small surface scratches on the large one. No nics or chips on either. Rosenthal classic Germany tureen, gold trim, Sanssouci ivory pattern china. No scratches or chips. All handbooks in good condition. Merit books in good to fair condition.

Helmet has a few minor scuffs. Signature is bold, clear, and signed in black sharpie. Comes with clear display stand. Lot of 2 cups: Inscription on back "Bill Nyler? Both cups display nice. Large lot of assorted vintage Vernonware California Gingham green and yellow plaid dishes.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Scarves, Hats & Mittens [] – Retro Musings

These crochet purse patterns are just gorgeous. Vintage crocheted handbags are now back in style! Punctuate your wardrobe with smart personality changes. Accessories make the costume. And it's easy to crochet accessories with these crochet bag patterns. Once you get started, it goes like the wind. You'll be the proud possessor of clever new bags for dollars less than ready-mades. Choose your own best color. More free purse patterns: Knit Purse Patterns , Purse Patterns.

Women around the world consider a purse as a necessity to hold money, keys, makeup and other items of daily use.