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  1. The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles, #2) by John Flanagan
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  3. The Brotherband Chronicles: The Invaders
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But their celebration comes to an abrupt end when the Skandians' most sacred artifact, the Andomal, is stolen--and the Herons are to blame. To find redemption they must track down the thief Zavac and recover the Andomal. But that means traversing stormy seas, surviving a bitter winter, and battling a group of deadly pirates willing to protect their prize at all costs.

Even Brotherband training and the help of Skandia's greatest warrior may not be enough to ensure that Hal and his friends return home with the Andomal--or their lives.

Fan Question: "Can John do a 'Lost Stories' for Brotherband?" Brotherband 2 by John Flanagan

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The Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles, #2) by John Flanagan

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The Brotherband Chronicles: The Invaders

However, due to a massive storm, they are forced to stop and resume the chase later. They take shelter at a bay Hal names Shelter Bay for a few weeks, where they repair their ship, add the Mangler, a giant crossbow, a hull fin for extra maneuverability, and train under Thorn. Afterward, they go to a small Skandian village to stock up on supplies while asking about Zavac's ship, the Raven. Meanwhile, Zavac and his crew take over a small trading vessel and search the strongbox, where they find emeralds.

Zavac demands to know where they have come from. The leader of the trading fleet, after extensive torture, tells Zavac that the emeralds came from Limmat, a town further up the coast of Sonderland. Zavac goes to Limmat, tricks the soldiers garrisoned there, easily takes over the town, and forces the miners to work even harder to give Zavac emeralds.

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However, a girl named Lydia manages to escape using a small skiff. While Hal is going back to Shelter Bay, he thinks he sees Wolfwind, the Oberjarl Erak's ship, and sails south for a day.

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While heading back they find Lydia, who tells them about the pirate attack. Hal thinks it may be Zavac so he continues back to Shelter Bay.

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Wolfwind, led by the Skandian Svengal, finds them but ends up helping them. The next day, they begin sailing to Limmat, and when they arrive, they see Zavac's ship. Thus, they hide in the marshes where they find the town's remaining soldiers, led by Barat, a man who thinks he owns Lydia, in hiding.