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You can unsubscribe at any time. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. More in Novel Study Series. Add To Cart 0. Value Priced Communion Cups - Plastic. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Updated Edition. The grade is then sent to whatever email the student logs in with. However, that is not always the best way and so there is a Quiz and Answer Manual available for purchase. This has blank quizzes that can be copied within a single homeschool as needed.

The book also has an answer key in the back that includes answers for each of the quizzes in the book. It is another way to delve into the story. It includes questions that help the student explore the meaning of parts of the story and characters, as well as helping them move through the novels a bit at a time. It helps the student to personalize the story and ideas. Some of these were pretty difficult to answer but it allowed for good discussions.

The Odyssey Classic Literature Unit Study

I really like having a literature program that pushes my advanced reader to think about what she is reading. I also like that this program includes some pretty challenging literature, as well as a good variety. Knowing that something different will be up next on the reading list makes it a bit easier to engage my student in the current selection if she is struggling.

Because each of the selections is so very different, this review has been difficult to write. So far so good, though, and we will be continuing to use this program. A Student Viewpoint —. I like the activities that are at the end of each lesson series. I thought the bonus information was interesting. I liked how we applied the terms and character labels to a book that I was familiar with before trying to use them with the stories that were new.

I probably should have chosen a stand-alone book instead of a series and it would have been easier. Most of her writing is easy to understand, though I have had to reread a couple of the sentences before moving on. Overall, I like it because it is different than what I have used before. Looking for a simple way to start our new school year, we decided that a week-long unit study would be great.

So, they created it! AJTL has many products to fit many needs. Whether you are looking for a stand alone study or something to accompany a curriculum you have purchased, AJTL may have just what you need. Head over to their site to watch their video about lapbooks. But quickly — lapbooking is a way to simply document learning by completing mini-booklets in different shapes and sizes, keeping the documentation varied and interesting for the student. What that means is that the downloadable product you can also get a printed version contains all of the mini-booklets to create the lapbook as well as all the information in a study guide to be able to fill out and complete the lapbook.

Each mini-booklet has its own page of information to read. It was a simple unit to complete and we were easily able to use it with our girls, ages 8, 11, and I printed out all of the mini-booklets from the PDF file. I did not print the study guide pages; we accessed those on the computer when we needed them. I also checked out a book on each inventor from the library, since the study guide was not as high a reading level as I wanted for the two older girls. They needed more of a challenge. The reading level was perfect for our 8 year old, though.

I placed the books and pages together on the table and the girls took turns picking the inventors they were interested in. Each day that week, the girls worked on one or more of their inventors. They read the study guide and the books. In some cases, we looked up more information or pictures on the internet with a simple Google search.

Novel Study Guide - Grades 5 to 6 - eBook - Lesson Plan

Then, the girls completed their mini-booklets, as well as the book report form that is included in the PDF. The book report form is a simple form, asking for the name of the book and its author. It asks about the birth and death, the time period, and information about what was understood from the book. It also gives them a chance to be creative, designing a stamp for that inventor. It was fun to talk about stamps being a way to honor someone and their achievements. At the end of the week, we had a presentation. The girls took turns presenting their inventors, the book report, and showing the mini-booklet that was created.

We also used this time to open up a discussion about how each invention helped or changed the world. It was a fun day, full of unexpected learning. Now, we went pretty far above and beyond the lapbook product itself. But this is a great example of how easy it is to extend these products to include the entire family in learning. Our oldest students got some good research experience, as well as having to present, while it fit perfectly the reading ability and interest level of our youngest.

We could easily have just used the mini-booklets and the study guide and we still would have learned a lot. AJTL has simple to use products, though you do need access to a computer and printer if you are purchasing their downloadable products. These are just a few of the hundreds of titles that A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks has available. There is something for just about every study you can imagine. Visit their page to see what else they have.

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Miss J has been fascinated by birds since we did a bird unit a couple of years ago. She is constantly on the lookout for birds and reading about them. We have started a unit over The Bears on Hemlock Mountain and one of the items in the prereading section of the reading guide from Progeny Press has to do with listening to bird calls and learning to identify some birds. So, we pulled up our old unit and pulled out a few resources.

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We used a poster from the Forest Service to look at bird pictures and we have a field guide that we keep with our binoculars to pull out to help identify the birds we see in the backyard. You can see the bird guide in the unit study over the book Look Up! Identifying birds, bird watching, and listening to their calls is a fun activity that does not take fancy equipment and can add a lot of joy to life.

Whether it be in your backyard, while on a walk, or driving along the way, look for the birds and see what you can see. This scene is one that just about every little girl and boy can relate to: One day while at this special place, Andi meets a new friend, Sadie.

The Egypt Game - Novel Study Guide - Grades 5 to 6 - eBook - Lesson Plan - Classroom Complete Press

The girls quickly become good friends, swapping stories and trading rides for fishing bait. Andi and Sadie enjoy their new friendship, even after they find out that their families are disagreeing about a property boundary. When something happens and help is needed quickly, can the families be calm and kind? The circus is coming to town and Andi is terribly excited. Watching the circus parade is such a joy for Andi, especially seeing the world champion bareback rider! Then Andi meets Henry. Henry is a little boy who works for the circus.

She wants to help him but after she finds out what he has done, can she?

Muse of the Morning ~ PDF Sewing Patterns for Free-Spirited Children &Adults

Miss L, age 10, read these books through the day we received them. She wrote the following summaries about the books:. Andi Saddles Up is a fun book. Meanwhile, Andi makes a new friend with Sadie Hollister and she then wants to hang onto their friendship, even while their families fight. I love the way the book ends and I really liked the part about the hoof picks! Susan K Marlow is so talented! Andi Under the Big Top is a nice book, too.

All the details made me feel like I was really at the circus with her, and yet, reading. And the thick plots!

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I was really impressed that Marlow was able to get as much good plot and details in as she was without just dragging the story along with it. Again, maybe a little younger for a read-aloud. Miss J just turned 8 is reading the books at a slower pace. You can find the Study Guides on the webpages for the books, both at Kregel Publications and on the Circle C Stepping Stones page where they are called activity pages; you can also find coloring pages.

These Study Guides provide a nice supplement to the books. They contain comprehension questions and activities. They cover subjects such as vocabulary, poetry, history, character study, Bible, music, and more. It is recommended that the guides take 21 days to complete but they are pretty easy to speed up or slow down as your family needs.

We have really enjoyed adding these Study Guides to our reading and making this a more complete literature study. The Circle C Ranch books are wholesome, with good, solid ideas and themes, as well as Biblical ideas and character building opportunities. The new Circle C Stepping Stones series is no different.

Andi is growing and some of my favorite parts in these books are where she remembers to go to God when she sees something that He can help with or when she is suddenly thankful. Thank you, God, for giving me a brave sister! Her writing has been a joy to read since we were first introduced to her stories. We have told tons of people about them and encouraged our library to order the books. And they have ordered these new ones, too, since we told them they were out!

Miss E is waiting im patiently for me to get the newest one of the Circle C Milestones series. Age of Exploration History: American West Unit History: Ancient Aztecs, Incas and Mayans History: Ancient Greece Unit History: Civics, Government and Economics History: Civil Rights Movement History: Geologic Timeline Montessori History: Native American Indians Unit History: Rensaissance and Reformation History: Slavery and the Civil War History: Interviews with other Homeschoolers Homeschool: Month in Review Homeschool: Organizing and Cleaning Homeschool: Our Homeschool what our day is like, curriculum choices, etc.

Planning and Preparation Homeschool: Children's Literature Language Arts: Biomes; Animal Habitats Science: Earth Science Unit Science: Electricity and Circuits Unit Science: Human Body Unit Science: Natural Disasters Unit and Activities Science: Rocks and Minerals Science: Simple Machines Unit Science: States of Matter Unit Science: Taxonomy Scientific Classification Science: The 5 Senses Science: Vertebrates — Invertebrates Science: A list of the books we've used most in history, science, math, language arts, etc.

Below is just a small sample of the packets and resources we have available on our blog. Digestive System Packet and Activities 40 pages.