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Are you outside the US? Are you able to get them as print books? If not, let me know. Hi TracySo just wanted to check when will your books be available in India on Kindle? The paperback versions are available via e retailers but they are very very expensive…double triple the price of an ebook or even a regular paperback.

Do let me know if you have any news Thanks Monisha PS: Mon, 6 Oct Tracy, I have enjoyed all your books, and was so glad you were able to find a publisher for Vienna Waltz. However, I find the name changes very confusing. Are readers supposed to see these as the same characters, or are you going to treat them as separate stories? If they are the same, I think it was a mistakes on the part of your publisher to change the names.

I love your writing, but am finding this character exchange difficult. And I notice The Mask of Night still uses the old names. I just would appreciate some clarification. Thanks so much for posting, Barb!

Tracy Grant

Yes, Malcolm and Suzanne have the same history as Charles and Mel and the same secrets which becomes quite apparent in the next book, Imperial Scandal. It was really gougeous and fantastic! I want more and more of my fellow Japanese book lovers to be introduced this wonderful novel. You are really a telented story teller and well qualified to become one of the top class novelists in near future!

Mystery : Grant, Teresa

Thank you so much for your lovely message! I started reading Vienna Waltz based on recommendations by other readers. I really liked it which made me follow up and read the previous novels. I am looking forward to reading the newest book. Thanks for posting, Seema! I love it when people find the series through Vienna Waltz. So glad you enjoyed Harry and Cordy, Pat — I loved writing about them.

Are the books going to be available in epub versions eg via kobo, at all? Outside the USA Amazon is not the only ebook platform and I am sure many people would enjoy the series. The digital rites people at Nancy Yost Literary put out the e-versions of The Mask of Night and my old historical romances. However, Vienna Waltz and Imperial Scandal should be aviallable on all e-platforms. Hi Teresa from a cold and frosty Epping, Essex, England!

Having trouble getting e-novella of His Spanish Bride. They suggested I contact publishers but that was a bit of a nightmare so am trying you direct. Are there any plans to release this via AZ UK? I just love the way you manage to create the atmosphere of the time. All best wishes for a successful If you email me through the About Tracy page, I think I have a solution to get you the novella.

The Mask of Night

Happy to you and your mother and sister! I read Daughter of the Game many years ago and have been on the look out for more Charles and Melanie. Such a breath of fresh air to come across a Regency couple and marriage with flaws and to read how they work through their differences. Got confused with the name change of the characters, but stumbled onto explanation on this site.

I disagree with the publisher! They are Charles and Mel. Malcolm and Suzanne just not same. Thank you so, so much, Shirley! I am reading your old Zebra Regencies and was pleasantly surprised by the length of these books because I was expecting a shorter Harlequin type. Are any of these books related? I only have two on hand, waiting on four more to get here. Do you see how I trusted that they would be good books: You should list them on this site. You would be amazed at some of the prices. You should have bought up these books years ago so you could one day sell them.

Got this idea from another author. That is so great, Carole! I love people discovering the Anthea Malcolm book.

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We did have them on the site, but pulled them off until I can get them ready to put out as ebooks. Never thought of buying up old print copies — what a good idea! I really like your writing and the original books and it was only by chance that I discovered that there were more under a new name. Why did your new publisher want to make such a break from that original series that not only the characters but yourself as well all had to get new names?

They are missing the chance to bring over all the old fans. So glad you enjoy the series, Lucrezia! My new publisher wanted new names for the series so they could rebrand and they wanted me to have a more historical sounding name. I would love to see the books published with the original names, but so far there are no plans to do so. I do hope you will continue with the series one way or another! I enjoyed it very much and want to get the others. Will it ever be an ebook anywhere else? So glad to hear you discovered the series, Justine! Thanks again, and do stay in touch! I just started The Berkley Square affair.

I thought he and Charles were the same person?? In Berkeley Square we essentially enter a parallel universe to i can catch the two series up.


The events of Berkeley Square cover developments in Beneath, Secrets, and to some extent Mask but in a somewhat different way. Hope that makes sense — please ask further questions if needed! The name change is the least of my problems: This is just my humble opinion, but it really does not feel like the same series. That being said, I really like Malcolm and Suzanne, and I thank you for writing a historical series with a decent, smart, brave hero who is not a male chauvinist. What is going to happen with future books?

Thanks so much for your comments! I think characters probably inevitably evolve over the course of a series — more so in some than in others, and in my case writing the books out of chronological order very likely accentuated the changes. Thank you for taking the time to reply! Just one more question, if you do not mind: For instance, are the people at Dunmykel the same?

I actually have a future book in mind in which they will both play prominent roles. So, here I am again. I have just finished Secrets of a Lady and I am completely shocked at the final twist I mean, I kind of saw it coming, but I am still shocked because I liked E. Has Colin been through that ordeal? I have read Berkley Square.

Should I just give up on them as working together and see them as separate series? And it includes the start of a love story involving her and another ongoing character…. Thank you for your reply. Thanks, Barb — so glad you can still enjoy the series. Not really a comment on the above, but a geographical note: However, Perthshire is one of the very few Scottish counties which is landlocked! Nitpicking of me to mention this, I know, but I do enjoy your books! Another reader wrote me about this — so embarrassing.

We had spent the night in Perthshire and drove the next day and I thought we were still in Perthshire when we stopped by the stretch of coast where I envisioned Dunmykel being. I actually changed the county in the e-book of Beneath a Silent Moon and will try to edit the others in the future! Will check to see if I can get them as print books else will let you know.

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  5. Looking forward to what happens beyond the Vienna Waltz! Why do many of the kindle books for the Rannoch series use both Suzanne and Suzette as the first name for Mrs. Is it a mistake? It tends to be distracting. Hi, can you update the order of books? The above list stops at The Mask of Night. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

    Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch Series by cover. Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant Same series: Petty Treason Sarah Tolerance. A new publisher insisted on the name change. Reviewers differ on whether the books should be read in chronological or publication order, but the merged series is listed in the two related series. During the Napoleonic Wars, a British diplomat marries a Spanish refugee to offer her his protection.

    They work in diplomacy and espionage. Wilhelmine, Duchess of Sagan. Eleonore von Kaunitz, Princess Metternich. Klemens Wenzel, Prince von Metternich.

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